Miss, Miss, Miss - US!

I never expected to meet someone, so gentle, so clever, so sweet, so ridiculous.
You have a generous heart, and you can make me smile, even when I don’t want to.

You challenge me, and comfort me. You are my hero that sweeps in and saves the day, and saves me from myself when I need it.

You make me feel beautiful and loved , and you deserve nothing less than to feel the same way, so I hope as time passes I can give that gift to you.

I won't promise that I'll always have the right words to say, or that I will always know the right thing to do.

But I can give you my word that you will always have my passion, my respect, my kindness and my honesty.
When our world is chaotic, if we face a challenge. I will never falter or fail, I will not give up, I’m made stronger by your belief in me.

What I say to you today is truly my promise of a lifetime –  that I believe in you, that I will be proud to stand beside you for the rest of my life. 

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