CBC vs The Ministry of Truth

The somewhat biased video uploader aside, I have to thank him for bringing this to my attention. While we're watching the video let's introduce you to one of SUN's newest fans:

You typical fucking socialist liberal moron... socialism, communism are evil…NDP=communists
They always need to defeated by capitalism
bzut07 5 days ago

This and many more equally clever and well (un)articulated comments about the CBC's liberal bias, trying to goad me into defending the journalistic integrity of the CBC. Anyone trying to go on about the CBC not representing the conservative population in the west, and claiming that SUN will do that are committing a bit of a personal insult against me (as an Albertan) and an insult to the intelligence of the Canadian viewer. Even if I agreed with this, the purpose of keeping the CBC well funded and preserved in the face of the intrusion of sensationalistic news programming a la Fox News is not entirely about CBC's news content. They have clearly missed the point. What makes the CBC such a huge part of growing up as a Canadian, of reflecting what being a Canadian is about? THE NEWS, The Fifth Estate? Bah - fools! I think not.

I grew up getting simulaneously bored and riddled with guilt watching The Nature of Things while David Suzuki made me feel rotten for using plastic bags (and really - almost everything in my life was destroying the environment or some endangered animal habitat, there was no avoiding it). The neverending parade of comedians on Just For Laughs and the cast of The Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes honed my appreciation for stand-up. The Kids in the Hall - whose name is sacred to anyone (from any country) who understands the cult that has been built on kids flicking on the TV well after their parents had gone to bed to find a theatre of the absurd in the league of Monty Python.

I shudder to think back to being painfully uncomfortable and embarassed on behalf of the actors who had to play out the nauseating moral lessons on Road to Avonlea ( Living on a farm in rural Alberta gave you 4 channels, at some point everyone in my age group could not escape RTA, but hey - we still had Degrassi!). To be fair, Sarah Polley built a nice nest egg for her directing career out of that pile of cheese, so good on her for going on to represent Canadian made films down the road.

And finally, the last to come to mind is something I need to get off my chest. I admit, like a lot of women, I didn't find Red Green all that handsome or handy but his nephew wasn't half bad looking - and I'm talking IN costume. Geeks are fashionably hot these days, right? In fact I think some would call Harold a hipster wouldn't they? Actually - nevermind, perish the thought. He's classier than that.

Now years later, when I'm feeling homesick down under and a spider the size of my face crawls across my wall, I tune in online to Rick Mercer at CBC to see him helicopter chase some moose in Newfoundland (it's maggoty with moose don't you know?). George Stromboulopoulous has graduated from MuchMusic and is now a respectable - and I'd say largely unbiased - interviewer of some of the most fascinating people in the world. And I would watch The Passionate Eye, but of course I couldn't be allowed to view ALL of the content on CBC, some of it is forbidden to Australian IP addresses. The Passionate Eye I can deal with, but if Rick Mercer is the next to go, I'll be online learning up on how to fake out my IP address to mimic a laptop in a pancake house in Alabama. When I want to show Australians what Canada is about, I don't bring up Global TV, or CTV programming to try to show my colors (well, Corner Gas gets an honorable mention, but I don't want Aussies to think Saskatchewan reflects Canada in general).

Quite frankly, the CBC is part of being a Canadian, and to this day I still find their news programs painfully antiquated and most of their anchors boring, but seeing channels like SUN pop up just scares the back-bacon and beaver out of me. It feels like a lame-duck FOX News wannabe, and the Canadian public deserve a lot better than this being allowed to live on the airwaves. Comments such as bzut07 do concern me, but I'm counting on Canadians to recognize this for what it is, and quietly get on with life. This is the media business, if we ignore them, they really will go away.

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