Soapbox Thuggery

Let's have a second look at Ezra Levant and his defense against the "thugs" in the human rights commission. As a public servant who has lived in the system several years, this is a nice introduction to how it works.  It's also a representation of the functioning of equal rights in society. Ezra had the right as part of the free press in a democratic nation to publish those cartoons. As did the complainant had the right to lodge his grievance with the human rights commission, so too the Human Rights Commission (HRC) is performing it's job by investigating the nature of the alleged offence. It's a shoddy, perhaps overly sensitive, hyper politically correct government body that needs an overhaul, but did Ezra Levant make a point, or did he make a self-righteous ass of himself?  I think he did a fine job of both.

If Ezra had calmed down and answered their questions with poise and an understanding of the position of the woman across the table from him, so would have ended a complaint that never should have been investigated
by the commission in the first place. I know that, and I'd like to imagine the HRC and their representative at that table did too, that's probably why she looked exasperated from the beginning of the video. There's no question the HRC should have more stringent criteria to weed out HRC claims that don't fall under human rights violations, and are quick and easily responded to by appealing to our constitutionand freedom of the press.  There needs to be critera that appeals to issues of real harm, not just religious offence.  See Ezra, I agree with you.

I just don't have a lot of patience for watching self-righteous ranting and verbal abuse of public servants.  I'm sure even SHE agreed with you, and she started out by calmly answering your accusations.  She looked like she'd had more than enough half-way through, but were you thinking about her? I'd not propose to say with certainty what was going through your head, but you are self-admittedly NOT a reporter - you are an opinionated television personality. So my best guess would be that prior to this meeting you were well on your way to formulating a dramatic presentation, a inflammatory argument and practicing in your mind to prepare the delivery with gusto and vitriol.  Knowing it was on film probably just amped up your excitement at the bashing you were waiting to inflict. I saw you chomping at the bit there, you were keen as mustard. I'm sure it dissapointed you to be presented with a middle aged, overworked public servant going through the motions.  You wanted fire and spotlights, but that dim, flurescent lit office space could barely contain the volume of your voice and really came off as a bit of overkill.

You no doubt have your supporters, youtube commenters abound to cheer on your 'heroic' act of standing up to "the state".  Very impressive. Fine then.  I would have been impressed with you if you hadn't behaved so unbecoming of a public figure that your supporters laud as being so clever and well-spoken. I don't know what their standards of decorum might be, but you failed my litmus test for personal credibility and professional respect. I'd like to hope many of my fellow Canadians can see the thug-gish nature of
your approach to this situation, even while they may share your opinion of the case.

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