True Patriots

So let's all laugh at the Tea Partiers for being redneck bigots right?

Wrong.  They're being more civically responsible, and taking more action than the liberal democrats to hold their president to task. So I'm going to go ahead and applaud them completely for getting out of their homes and often travelling great distances to participate in these rallys.

Many of my own peers cannot say they've been that incensed to political action in their lives. The saddest thing to me is the misinformation that brought them here. There are plenty of failures in Obama's presidency that should bring people to the capital to demand better policy, better leadership - but Russion-esque czars and misunderstandings of his health care reform shouldn't be among them.

These were people waiting for inspiration, and they've gotten nothing but spin-cycle garbage to work with. It's a shameful day when large groups of hardworking people, interested in speaking to their representatives, are rendered laughable by the general media because their pop-culture political heroes have sent them marching on talking points, confusion and out-right lies.

I will salute these Americans, for showing up ready - however sadly they are dissapointed.

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