A Captive Audience

I began to wonder where the best places might be to initiate culture jams.  Preferably outside of graffiti, and within a medium where an unexpected shift in perspective might be initiated outside of traditional methods such as graffiti or spontaneous performance art.   I liked the impermanence of the TP roll, and the idea that someone might be suddenly feel like they'd found a little bit of madness left behind in a completely unexpected place.  

So far I have dropped over 50 quotes and bits of my own perspective in the loos of shopping malls, hotels, transit centres, but ended up leaving enough of a mark at my workplace that I actually received a very unexpected note in return. By all of my accounts the experiment has been a success.  
As per scientific procedures:

The Stimulus:

 ^ Matthew Good - Oh Be Joyful ^

The Response:

I'm still trying to figure out if they were paying a compliment or complaining about the mixture of "original" work with the quotes.

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