99% Behind Them

I am pleased to report that my man, Noam has added his support to
Occupy Wall Street. 

It is always worth reading the comments sections below news stories, they are often where the real meat lies, they reveal a lot of the views that are still holding back the tide of revolution in the United States. Under several news  stories in relation to the escalation of demonstrator arrests, there are still doubts between the lines. The propoganda and age old hippie-hate can be seen bubbling to the surface, undermining the message.  As Matthew Good sings clearly above, if hate's in your heart - you're more likely to take what you're given, more likely to side with ambition than compassion.

How far are you from the 1%?

My favorite comments:

"The "protest" if its big enough to even call it that, will go the way of the pipeline protest. Heard much about that lately? The situation is that most people don't have a lot of sympathy for people who have the time to be sitting on a street all day. If they have a job, they should be at that job. If they don't have a job, is sitting around all day a very good PR move?"

"Actually many banks were not bailed out at all and went under during the crisis. True, the job hemorrhaging in the banking sector has stopped but so has the job hemorrhaging in the economy as a whole. It’s just that not much jobs are created to replace the lost ones."

Amy Goodman - The Guardian

Also, you can always blame Obama.  Or toss molotov cocktails with
inflammatory language out into the already heated atmosphere to erode the facts - to elaborate:

According to a member of the NYPD's intelligence division, the participants claim the demonstration is leaderless, but in reality, it was organized by Adbusters, a Canadian anti-capitalist magazine. The hacktivist group Anonymous also incited its followers to take part in the protest, which increased the attention it received.

Other groups involved are typically from anti-capitalist and radical leftist networks. The Marxist filmmaker and radical icon Michael Moore is a supporter and he's urging his web site visitors to participate.

I've read my share of Adbusters issues, and I will attest that Adbusters can hang out on a limb, even by my standards, but is that really the focus of what the "occupiers" want to accomplish this week? Does the association with Michael Moore, Anonymous or Adbusters give justification to unarmed young women being corralled like animals and maced without provocation?

The mainstream media dominates the hearts and minds for the most part, it's impressive that Adbusters were even capable of tipping the dominoe that brought so many to Wall Street.  By throwing out taglines to arouse spiteful misunderstanding, such as Marxism and "radical", the goal is always to decrease solidarity, to divide.  It becomes about placing the issue on the partisan battlefield so even those who are the worst affected by the irresponsibility and greed of the financial sector can still be stuck in Stockholm Syndrome.  It never ceases to amaze me when I watch the American media interview the everyman USA and they speak about supporting more deregulation, every-man-for-himself health care, and more industry to help the "job creators".  It's as though they've taken the blue pill and succumbed to something worse than apathy - to quote Orwell once again: Ignorance is Strength. 

The people who stick the hardest to the faith of the free market can be the ones who are most in need of the so called "socialist" help, teetering on the brink of mortgage and credit card debt or tenouous manufacturing employement. Still, they have been manipulated into believing if they had just one great idea, one great scheme or invention, they too could sit at the boardroom table with the 1%, and have their MTV Crib filmed for envious friends to see. 

The media machine pumping out endless aspirational programming (you too can be rich and famous - just get yourself a talent, be on a reality show) and ever more clever and insidious advertising for the most vain and vapid consumables, promote the worship of self-actualization through material success that pervades both US, Commonwealth, European and many Asian cultures.  It is considered the mark of a first world country, of economic success.  But ambition is a tricky thing, it's like riding a unicycle over a tetherfloss tightrope over a wilderness of razorblades - ambition can backfire.  (quotable Matthew Good).   Making money is not a crime, it isn't something to be ashamed of, but to toss out an old favorite, with great power comes great responsibility. 

When your irresponsibility, un-checked self-interest and corruption  has backfired  in a way that has caused damage to the lives of the ones who make your success possible on such an grand and devastating scale, you should expect more than a few thousand camped on the doorstep of the source.  We're all onto you, and the facts aren't leftist, radical, Marxist or otherwise (this is essential viewing for all grown-ups).

As I've brought up before, there is a formula for discrediting dissent.  It can be applied to activism against corporate greed as easily as those who gather to show their desire for peace.  If you think you're doing all right in this economy, if you think that these students, teachers and determined activists are wasting their time, you're complicit in the problem.  Look around you and question what makes your good fortune so possible?  Do you think that you are completely safe due to your education or status, or is it that your compassion for the ones who are struggling is slowly ebbing away in favour of cynicism and certainty that they just need to work harder, they just need an education or to pull up their bootstraps? If so, let me hit you with some knowledge:

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