People Who Are Afraid

No matter what country or creed, I believe you can appreciate Rick Mercer.  To me, he represents the best of what it means to be Canadian, and if you've ever seen some of the adventures across Canada he engages in on his show - The Mercer Report - then you'd know he most definitely has very little fear (or pride) left. 

Whatever your opinion of him,  he is a rare television personality that strikes me as being a genuine article, who is having more fun at his job than you or I likely ever will.  As in my previous post, I hold little love for TV, but you can indulge in some guilt-free Rick online, I'd highly recommend it.  Make sure to check out his pet project, Spread The Net - helping to save lives using a simple principle.  Rick is indeed one of our good eggs.

Do you need another reason to watch? Fine:

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