An Unlikely Hat Trick

The so-called "NDP mess" is 30% of the 61% voter turnout in  Canada's May 2011 election. Further evidence that supporters of parties other than the Conservatives are still very much alive, and likely will be creating a mess for Mr. Harper for some years to come:

Seats in the House:

Stephen.  Really?

I think all of that brilliant orange, red, and baby blue (also, our token green square) represent the Canadians who don't like your government muzzling scientists who monitor the ozone layer.

Those are the Canadians who want protection for their social security.

Those contrasts of color across the country are the ones who don't have time for a Prime Minister to shut down parliament to cling to power and wear out voters by forcing multiple elections. 

I'd imagine some of them may even be visiting the Toronto Stock Exchange on October 15th to show their solidarity with their American cousins.

Don't underestimate this "mess", we're quite a curious bunch, and willing to make sure other Canadians can see how you are failing us, and failing future generations of Canadians. 

I don't doubt you'll leave us with a balanced budget, but I'd rather have you as the Finance Minister, than administering social policy.  

For those not part of the "Conservative Political Dynasty" Mr. Harper is nurturing across the country, speak out and remind some of his supporters what the implications are when other parties are crippled due to their inability to compete.    Shall there be no official Opposition?  Shall we forfeit keeping any checks and balances in place besides the books of law to ensure the Prime Minister is acting in the interests of all Canadians?  Not just those who can afford to fund Conservative campaigns?   By the way, cutting off all funding to political parties forces them to rely more on "special interests" to contribute.  The other parties are not without their own questionable histories in this regard, but I'd rather not see them go any further down the slippery slope.

It stands to reason then that if the interests of those who put up the big sums conflicts with yours, the everyday minimum wage to middle class citizen, the party owes one to them - not to you.  You, who probably didn't chip in a dime (except through paying your taxes) and just shows up to . . .vote.

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