I've still been keeping up to date while I've been otherwise occupied, and there is work in progress but none ready for its spotlight just yet. I've also been spending a lot of time IRL, (seeing Eddie Izzard live is now proudly scratched off my bucket list) which of course infringes on my virtual time with the trusty netbook.

While we're waiting, here are some of the places I've been, hopefully you'll enjoy the visit as much as I did. 

The Good

This Deserves Bold Type (AND MAYBE EVEN ALL CAPS)

Popwuping - strange name, seems legit

Colbert PAC -  the smartest comedian hosting a late night show today, IMO

Philosophy - spring semester at UC Berkeley without those student loans

Creativity and Exercise - why clever people benefit from an adrenaline buzz

Take This Lollipop - or don't, if you'd rather read this disclaimer before freaking out just a bit

Meanwhile in Kentucky - photos of a life I'll never know

Message from a Man - an enlightened member of his gender asks us all to finally turn off the gaslight

Have You Got GRIT? - take the test and see what you're made of

The Bad

One in Ten - save the embarassment of therapy, alternatives are available

It's Not a Babysitter - common sense reinforced with study

The Great Disruption - a measured look at #Occupy

Occupy Down Under - things get messy in Melbourne

ICE Castles of America - come for the tourism, stay for the secret detention 

Climate Change - rich guys fund an attempt that sort of; maybe; settles the debate? 

Mk-Ultra - still my favorite terrifying de-classified U.S project 

The Wikis:

Lojong - mind training; Geshe Checkwa sounds more plausible and less irritating than Tony Robbins

Saudade - i knew there was a word for this, reminds me of Schadenfreude 

Saul Alinsky - on the list of people worth knowing about 

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