Super PAC Man

Peter Yang for The New York Times. Prop stylist: Lisa Frantz. Clothing stylist: Antonia Xereas. Groomer: Kerrie Plant-Price.

As I copied the photo credits, and I see that Stephen has a "groomer".  Other than well coiffed canines, I had no idea humans had groomers, but I hope one day I get to experience a proper grooming myself.   

The associated New York Times article by Charles McGrath covers so many of the things I love about The Colbert Report, and the many faces of the PAC man himself.   Read the sample and click HERE to get the full story:

          Just as baffling as the Iowa corn ads — at least to the uninitiated — were some commercials Colbert produced taking the side of the owners during the recent N.B.A. lockout. These were also sponsored by Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, but they were “made possible,” according to the voice-over, by Colbert Super PAC SHH Institute. Super PAC SHH (as in “hush”) is Colbert’s 501(c)(4). He has one of those too — an organization that can accept unlimited amounts of money from corporations without disclosing their names and can then give that money to a regular PAC, which would otherwise be required to report corporate donations. “What’s the difference between that and money laundering?” Colbert said to me delightedly.  

Published: January 4, 2012

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