Everything is a Remix

Obviously, I'd encourage you to share this. The fouth and final episode contains a sage message and much useful information on modern misuse of copyright law.  The most important, and probably little known to many of us,  is an explanation of why it was put into place and what it was originally designed to do.

Perhaps that the rational, Randian, protection-of-property and self-interest memes, have eroded one of the foundations of capitalism away from the "common-good" principles that actually were built into the successful use of the copyright laws.   We can agree that someone who has put their sweat and tears into transforming and generating innovation should have an opportunity to earn back their investment and found a base from which to continue innovation in other areas.

Though, once they've been compensated, doesn't it seem counterintuitive to hold ideas back from the public sphere, out of the reach of those who can't afford to borrow them (and that rules out quite a few of us) ?   Beginning when Disney got greedy, it appears a shift in cultural values has laid the groundwork for stifling progress and whole industries and business devoted to frivolous litigation.   Just have a quick look at what George Lucas has been up to for the past decade or so.

As a short doco, this was definitely worth 44 minutes of my Saturday afternoon.  Though I will leave one disclaimer for Led Zepplin fans, part #1 is going to hurt a bit. :S

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