One For The Readers

I've seen this meme floating around in several different forms.  Despite that  the sentiment feels somewhat right, a second look seems to smack of elitist elder-hipster snobbery?  Or something like that.

In 2012 we all know that someone's Edgar Allan Poe collection could be hidden in their handbag (or "man"-bag).  If books become too cool again environmentalists will surely be unimpressed with their renewed popularity.   As someone who watches 50-something public servants print with wild abandon on a daily basis, I believe it's time to finally go paperless.  Just have a quick browse through your date's Kindle when they leave the room. 

Of course I'd wholeheartedly recommend that you date a girl who reads.

There's actually a lot of evidence to support the lovely link above:

Dr. Oatley and Dr. Mar, in collaboration with several other scientists, reported in two studies, published in 2006 and 2009, that individuals who frequently read fiction seem to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them and see the world from their perspective. This relationship persisted even after the researchers accounted for the possibility that more empathetic individuals might prefer reading novels. A 2010 study by Dr. Mar found a similar result in preschool-age children: the more stories they had read to them, the keener their theory of mind — an effect that was also produced by watching movies but, curiously, not by watching television.

Read the full New York Times article

I think most of us can sense that reading enriches our lives, whether it's analog or digital - Twilight or Tolkien.  I do know I always feel a bit uncomfortable and inclined to ask further questions when someone tells me they "just don't read".   O_O  

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