Seems Legit

When they mentioned that there are 140 nuclear reactors across the United States, I suddenly appreciated the scale what would be involved if we implemented the changes supported in this short doc.   Still, if Thorium is just good enough to be true, then ending the creation of nuclear waste (even solely for the purpose of energy and not weaponry) would be a goal worth working towards achieving.  Even China is taking it seriously.   

Watch past the middle (particularly around 20:20 mark) where it starts to seem a bit less like a miracle-energy-Tesla-worshipping cult, and starts providing evidence of Thorium being legitimately acknowledged as a preferable energy source.  Followed immediately by being rejected because of the great difficulty the shift would cause.  Controversial and economically costly change requires upheaval, if this is a viable energy source then I doubt the United States will be the first to pilot it.   

Maybe Thorium isn't the answer, but the best thing to come of the push of businessmen and entrepreneurs in this film is to re-open, and keep open, the discussion about how to deal with the implications of our reliance on nuclear power, both currently and for future generations. 

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