The Tube

 Despite seemingly infinite choice online, it is still all too easy to slip into patterns of media consumption that only serve reinforce our own opinions.  And even easier to waste time falling down the internet blog-news rabbit hole for hours on end. 
 Without TV, where do we go from here?

Maybe it's time you spent the night with some students learning the ropes of animation?
Then you can feel completely hip and ahead of the curve when they smash the box office in a few years working for Pixar.

( you really may as well spend some time at vimeo.com )

Other great places I enjoy passing the time.  I'll be surprised if you don't find at least 10 or 20 films that pique your interest:

Movies Found Online
Films for Action

If you have any of your own favourites, please comment and share.  I'm always looking for new and undiscovered streaming hubs.   

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