The Usual Suspects

Below are the fines incurred by some of the most well-known multi-nationals in the world.  These fines are imposed (quietly paid) and the rest as you might assume, is just business as usual.
The alternative to copping the fine is that they can use the company legal team to fight the charge, but my guess is it's often just as easy to pay.  The legal costs may or may not be less than the fine, but I'd imagine their motivation is to keep the matter out of the news, and continue moving forward.   They are beholden to shareholders, and little else.  Including regulations.

Could public awareness of this casual disregard force them to change?  Can we as consumers really have an impact by letting our spending habits show that we won't tolerate their actions?  It  could be, like the banks that are too big too fail - that these most powerful companies, who actively lobby in their own interests, are beyond help.  To say you won't ever shop at Wal-Mart or use a General Electric product seems near-impossible if you live in any American community.  Nonetheless, I urge you to ask yourself what other ways you personally, and your community as a whole, could act to reduce your dependence on what these companies are offering.  Below, I present the evidence for your review.

Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

Sadly, the only one of these that I'm certain I do not need to provide a Wiki-link to

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