Let's Go!

In case you hadn't heard, Shell as been punk'd ever so badly, and you too can even help add to their humiliation:   LET'S GO! 

Being as savvy as ever, the Yes Men have created a very, very legit looking website to pre-imagine  Shell's eager bid to win over critics who don't believe they should begin drilling into arctic oil reserves.   They've been waiting for years, they're keen and trying to start off on the right foot,  making good with the local economy.  Since this project is has stirred up controversy and concern, they want to be sure that everyone understands Shell takes the delicate balance of the arctic ecosystem seriously, so they're using a reliable, old rig that they are refurbishing back up to code.  The U.S government's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has also promised they will keep Shell honest every step of the way.  

While Greenpeace activists were on the the front lines, behind the scenes they teamed up with the Yes Men and went the subversive route and in Onion-esque fashion, the Yes Lab did such a fine job that they faked out many news organisations.  After learning the truth, I was still back at the mock-site marvelling at how easy it was to assume that this was exactly the kind of angle Shell's PR team might be inclined to take, considering they love replacing the term "drilling" with "exploration and discovery" so much already.

Shell wants us to imagine that they are nature lovers, but the original Let's Go already felt forced and poorly thought out.   (the real Shell website).When I first began searching for more information on Thursday night I found several articles about Shell's complete PR disaster.  It even spawned a twitter tag #shellfail.   The site is so well-done some news organisations still have headlines hitting google-search that now only link to 404's (msnbc blog, I expected better from you).
I'm sure Shell was quick to make sure everyone knew they were being had, but it was fun, and effective, while it lasted.   


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