Climate Change Denial: Becoming Outright Dangerous

Well, definitely not quite zero at all, but this meme is only partially misleading.  Deniers are having a more painful time than ever re-spinning the facts on climate change.  Though these articles don't often make the headlines, the fact is that there are plenty of journalists speaking with credible scientists who are regularly presenting evidence for the impact of global warming.  That doesn't mean it will ever be headline news.

Scientists are quite willing to speak to the media (except for those employed by the Harper Government of Canada, who have to wait for approval before they can speak to the public), but the mainstream media still often relegates these stories to the "green" section of their publications.
This isn't exclusively environmentalist, tree-hugger news, but they're still often making it feel like it's a niche interest for activists and the rest of the well-meaning, recycling, middle-class consumer.   Environmental impacts only seem to burst to the forefront when Greenpeace gets involved or a partisan political debate arises about how the regulation of industry due to environmental concerns could affect the economy. 

So, I want to give credit where credit is due.

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