The Future Is Plastic

Monsanto has come a long way since 1957.   When I look around I'd say they did create the plastic utopia they were hoping for.   Just think of all of the suburban sprawl in Canada and the United States, those acres and acres composed of pre-fabricated homes, assembled according to a limit number of repeated floor plans, all covered in so many industrial forms of plastic.   Though it is of course usually moulded to appear like natural wood or stone,  We want slick futuristic technology in our devices, though the majority of people still never tend to feel entirely seduced by minimalist designs.

Regardless of any of the praise you might have for the design, this is a blatant piece of Monsanto plastics propaganda.   The fact they were showcasing this at Disney World is somehow not surprising.

Plastic isn't just the future.  It's forever.

*Note: I wouldn't have sent you to that annoying voiceover from CNN on the 'forever' link above if it wasn't easier than having you watch the whole of this documentary.  Which is mostly everyone hanging around on a boat .  I'm sure if you attempt to watch the whole documentary you'll see my choice was much more succinct way to learn about Garbage Island.  And even if you feel like discrediting the video as scaremongering and  likely committing a fallacy of causation on some of those final points - hockey sticks are still degrading in the most remote parts of the Pacific Ocean.     

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