Are We There Yet?

Some groups believe they are a "voice for values" when they campaign against marriage equality.

It must be strange for these folk to imagine that a person who might have once been on their side of the debate could change their entire perspective and hold the opposite view if they reflected on their old assumptions and ultimately focused on fulfilling and defending the same values they held all along.  If they value "family", like the father in this Expedia ad (below), they will not be able to reject their child based on their sexual orientation.  Nor would they want their child to feel that they couldn't pursue all the happiness that they deserve.   The conclusion must be that if you believe in family values, you believe in marriage equality. 

I have mentioned in the past that I think one of the gateways to acceptance of LGBT and the entire spectrum of queer will be their presence becoming mainstream, unremarkable and normalised in advertising media.  An excellent example of that kind of change can be found in this Father's Day ad from JC Penny.  It was created as a response to a boycott call on their products from One Million Moms.

 "What makes Dad so cool? He's the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver - all rolled into one.  Or two.  Real-life dads, Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason"
(below top right)

In Australia marriage equality is still not openly supported by the federal government.   In the state of Queensland the current LNP government is going backwards in it's recognition of equality for same-sex relationships.   Despite this, I believe Australia is on teetering on the verge of progress.  Like Canada there will be a wave of  last gasps from the most dedicated lobbying groups and religious affiliates to affect policy in exchange for votes, but once it is ultimately settled at a federal level, states will fall into line. 

GetUp  has been doing very fine work towards this same outcome for Australia.  This advert is my pick for the most emotional impact, cutting past prejudice without a word.  A person against marriage equality watching this video is forced to re-focus their attention on the sexual aspect of this man's gay relationship in order to sustain their disagreement.  Obviously exposing that it is, in fact, the tendency of the supposed puritan to continuously degrade the discussion and to focus on the sexual organs involved.  Whereas those already in favour of equality (and the recently converted) are arguing from a more evolved and complete view of what constitutes love and intimate relationships.  The plot of this ad is designed to mislead, and then reveal itself - not with an abrupt shock, but a gentle unexpected surprise that immediately plucks at those final doubts that could only remain in the hardest of hearts.

By the naturalistic argument against same sex marriage would we would expect a man or woman to abandon a spouse that suffered brain damage following a stroke were unable to procreate or express themselves sexually?  If a spouse suffered some disfigurement of their genitalia,  would that person suddenly become unacceptable to their partner and have grounds for nullifying their union because their organs were no longer adequate for the definition of marriage?  Perhaps some want to  define marriage by measuring sex genetically.  Alright, then what of a couple where one person discovers following marriage that they have pseudohermaphroditism ?   To address these and almost any other protest from that perspective: 

The gap in understanding is narrowing.  Only the most tenacious and fearful can retain their hold on this denial of equal recognition in the eyes of the law.    

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