I had been wondering recently how it was that only five or ten people had been "seeing" my posts on The Teradactyl Facebook page.   I've finally warmed up to Twitter , using it an ideal hyperlink space.  Yet I had been - until recently, thoroughly enjoying using Facebook as a home for my visual representation.

Of course I had seen this article from Dangerous Minds floating around yesterday and finally got the chance to give it a read, and I hope you do and that you share it far and wide.  

The top comment sums up why businesses outside of those corporations with stupidly large ad budgets, are rapidly learning to outright despise Facebook's new pay-to-play tactics.

"Some people think business owners are whining and expect something for free, refusing to see how Facebook has royally screwed us over in this bait and switch scheme. I would be happy to pay a reasonable subscription fee to have a business page that provides us access to all our fans until or unless they hide or unlike us. And I would pay to promote posts beyond our fan base to a local audience. But the combination of fake users, the inability to target promoted posts, and the cost to reach an audience that have already OPTED IN to our page make these posts worse than useless. Facebook is harming my business and I am actively looking for a viable alternative."

Your move, Google.

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