Super Tuesday

True, I have rarely accepted a Tuesday invite.

You can vote early in most democratic countries, which makes Tuesday more of a deadline, simply a day to close the voting process.  

Yet I'd still propose holding elections on a Monday designated as a national public holiday.  Especially in Australia where voting is mandatory.   They will also mercilessly hassle you (at your door) to complete the census, Australia doesn't fool around with civic duty.

It makes so much sense to free the election day from the pressures of work and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to vote, and not necessarily the opportunity to shop.   Election day definitely deserves the creation of a long weekend in it's honour when compared to Thanksgiving (which stands as a celebratory break of goodwill before the beginning of an attempted genocide)  or the Queen's birthday

I have much more to say on the U.S election, but for the moment we'll leave it at this. 

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