A Final Plea

Obama's campaign is cautiously optimistic, while other supporters make final appeals to the American voter.

The current poll reporting would have us believe that almost half the United States wants to elect Mitt Romney because he has been pitched as a successful self-made businessman who can fix the economy that Obama could not.   The problem is that  there is no tax loophole or offshore account that can disguise or relieve America's deficit and international debts.   The numbers cannot be juggled by Romney's accountants or his vice-president.  

I also would encourage you to look through all of Bain Capital's dealings under Romney.  Romney's strange behaviour surrounding his tax returns,  and using his wife's name in a "blind trust" to deny he has a conflict of interest in obtaining huge investment profits each year.  He is worth $225 million in a country currently reeling from a recession, yet he speaks ill of the unemployed and the poor at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser.  He has closed factories and destroyed jobs in the name of profit.  On the other side, Obama may be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but his NDAA stance and drones are more than enough reason for voters to be apprehensive.   If nothing else vote independent if you don't feel comfortable with either candidate, but as a woman (and a Canadian),  I could never endorse Mitt Romney.

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