Colorado & Washington Go Green

In a little over a year, Colorado and Washington will be prepared to have marijuana bought and sold legally among adults over twenty-one within their state lines.  

*If you're a resident of either state, please ensure you read THIS before lighting up *

Obviously, this is historical.   Ideally, the hemp industry will explode out of these states.  Hemp cultivation is not currently federally approved, but today's votes should be able to open the door to changing that.  In terms of state economy, this should stimulate a new source of taxation revenue, while saving plenty of money on criminally prosecuting marijuana possession.  The cultivation of hemp in the US is already being endorsed by at least one Senator.   

This is an industry that has the potential to create thousands of new jobs by relieving businesses of buying hemp supplies from Canada and other countries. On the campaign trail politicians had a lot to say about keeping jobs in America, and all this time there are entire industries just waiting to be built, held back only by old biases.  Colorado and Washington will be a testing ground for changing those, so here's hoping this state is a model for demonstrating the viability of Cannabis and hemp products.

Not to mention how hard it's going to be hard to make the results look good when Cannabis-tourism sweeps these states    If they can responsibly manage the transition to legalization, I think this change will only be the first of many.

(Who could have imagined America would beat us to it?) 

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