An ad from Amnesty International's Demand Dignity campaign to bring attention to
Royal Dutch Shell's actions in the Niger Delta.

Considering their record it's clear that Shell really has no business being in the arctic.

On another note related to tomorrow's election, when listening to the presidential debates, I noticed the candidates used the term "energy mix".   It rang familiar to me, and this ad has helped me remember why.

Above: A short four minute Tubechop of the candidates talking 
about their energy plans  (Mitt uses "energy mix" a little under halfway through)

The last place I saw this phrase was on  Shell's "Shaping the Energy Future" page as part of their copy.  Like all Newspeak,  energy mix has been generated to obscure the subject matter.  The words vaguely imply that all sources of energy can safely be extracted and exploited as long as we don't rely to heavily on any given one.  Oil becomes no more offensive than solar because everything is in the "mix".  I'd say it leaves a neutral to positive impression.  Mix is the kind of verb that sounds like something is definitely being accomplished.   The association of this term with keywords used by presidential candidates comes down to a chicken-or-the-egg problem, but I definitely don't intend it as a red herring, just an observation.

It shouldn't be surprising Shell and the candidates' PR advisors are collaborating to create and swap campaign keywords.  After all, the parties involved share close ties and responsibilities to each other they have to live up to. 

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