The Right Stuff

Let's get really basic with these issues: 

Despite using some big words this felt like a very preached after-school special,  I half-expected someone in a brightly coloured animal suit to jump out and assist her at any moment.    The bounce of her tone and delivery are slightly grating, but I doubt I could have gotten through that kind of scripting much better had I been chosen to present these ideas.  However, this does contain excellent an explanation of practice of planned obsolescence, what I believe is one of the most influential factors contributing the accumulation and discard of "stuff".

This presentation also puts a lot of blame on corporate motivations to keep us shopping, when planned obsolescence could be mitigated and possibly outright ended if entrepreneurs and designers make it a priority.  Overall, I think that the mission of the Story of Stuff, and their website are fine resources for anyone who wants to take the first step to face the consequences of their consumption. 

George Carlin may still be the one who has said it best.

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