Bradley Manning - After 1000 Days

A very short but well edited film by Laura Poitras and Jenny Perlin containing an excerpt from Bradley Manning's comments made in court regarding the reasons behind his leak of the Collateral Murder video.   Until these proceedings he has spent over 1000 days in prison.   In his full statement he talks about some of what he found in the the War Logs and the US embassy cables.   Prior to these statements public understanding of Manning's motives had been limited to  a conversation with a hacker he thought he could trust, which became the evidence that led to his arrest.

There are plenty who believe he deserves little more than severe punishment, there are also Nobel Prize Winners who wholeheartedly support him.  No matter how you judge his ethics and his actions, he has provided a window how war and world politics are conducted that is almost unprecedented.   

For full transcripts and other streaming audio visit Press Freedom Foundation.

Manning's entire statement:

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