History Repeating

Using the statistics from the beginning of the clip, that would bring the total to nearly over 300,000 Iraqis killed between The Gulf War and the Iraq War.  This does not account for what might be 500,000 to 1 million more who died as a result of sanctions imposed on Iraq by the United Nations over the course of 10 years until 2001.  These sanctions were justified in the name of minimising Iraq's ability to produce weapons of mass destruction.  We know now that Iraq had no WMDS, but it's also been speculated that ultimately the United States and UK continued to support the sanctions to incite regime change 

Half of April 2013 alone recorded over 150 civilian casualties
As of February 2013  6, 648 US service members have died as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After 10 years, many powerful images have been captured of Iraq following the invasion. 
 I implore you to imagine yourself or your children in the place of any Iraqi or allied soldier. These are the numbers in your newscast.  

A wounded 4 year old Iraqi girl (March 29th, 2003) had been screaming for her dead mother while her father begged to be freed from plastic cuffs so he attend to his terrified daughter 
- The Atlantic (Reuters Damir Sagolj)   

Samar Hassan covered in her parents blood after American soldiers opened fire on her family's van in January 2005.  Sadly, photographer Chris Hondros died in Misurata, Libya in April 2011.    
Six years later, Samar still lives in Iraq with relatives.  

Other photo collections documenting the war from 2003 - 2013

Warning - Graphic Content

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