A Moment of Conscience

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August 6th is the 68th anniversary of one of the darkest days in our collective experience.   

History too often overlooks that many of the scientists who initially worked to create the bomb appealed to the President Truman to use nuclear force solely as a threat. Which leads us to question how our world might be different today if more of those physicists had walked away much earlier with Joseph Rotblat.  Or, if the Enola Gay's pilots had flinched in their resolve and dropped their payload off the coast, into the sea. 

The ensuing Cold War was inevitable, but had there been mercy from the US in that peak moment, it may have set a kind of 'due-care' precedent for all ethical considerations behind the development and use of nuclear weapons from that point forward. That being said, there's no question the only choice is to work towards the decommissioning and destruction of all nuclear weapons, until then not one of us can say we are truly safe. 

 Leo Szilard also deserves due credit for his work towards nuclear disarmament and peace. 

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