It Makes Sense

Today we consider words and phrases to eliminate from office vocabulary.

"Does that make sense?"

Almost always used when it should be known very well that the previous statement being referred to does in fact "make sense". If everyone in the room is speaking English to each other, and you're not talking to middle school children or explaining complex computational problems, I'd say there's a ninety nine percent chance whatever you're discussing is making sense to the educated adults being addressed. Ask if they have any questions, or even simply if they understand and agree with all the points you've covered.  Anything else.  If you've used it more than three times in a given interaction it begins to feel like the worst kind of condescending corporate office meeting filler imaginable.

Other top nominations for elimination:

"Touch base with..."

"At the end of the day..."

"We're bedding this down..." 
(I tend to picture a farmer filling a stall with hay. How this got into an office discussion I cannot imagine).

And a special mention to the particularly outrageous:

"We need to socialise this for feedback."

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