Wax Wings

I had the good fortune to see performance artist, jack of several trades, a man currently incarnated as Scott Wings (AKA: Darkwing Dubs) as part of a local music festival billed as a comedy rapper. Starting directly after Kudos (see here, here and here) there was a receptive crowd, though I hate to admit the idea of comedic rap had me expecting uncomfortably awkward and likely not laugh out loud funny. Instead it was openly awkward, clever and sharp.  I found when I wasn't laughing, I was clapping.

That got me curious enough to see his one-man show Icarus Falling, where he held a full house in thrall for somewhere near an hour. I don't want to spoil any of it, I'd rather just let you go in unprepared and come out smiling.

Find out where he'll be appearing via Facebook or see more on Tumblr. Fortunate Scottish folks can see Icarus Falling at the Edinburgh Fringe running until August 28th.

UPDATE - Local Boy Makes Good Abroad:  The reviews  and interviews  have begun .  Icarus Falling is selling out shows nightly and receiving well deserved standing ovations at EdFringe. 

Additional sampling below.

Walking the path

Thoughts on his homeland.

We all want to be...superheroes @TEDxYouth Brisbane

Take advantage of small moments

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