Yokai and Seijin and Zillas! Oh My!

Jordan Lewerissa's monsters and characters are largely influenced by his love of all things Japanese from Godzilla films to Yokai, and the Ultraman universe of Seijin, Kaiju, and Kaijin.

Seijin is a general Japanese term for alien (i.e people from the stars).  As for the other two "kai" means strange, and "jin" means people, so Kaiju are strange beasts, while Seijin and Kaijin are star/strange humanoids respectively. Those of you who have seen Pacific Rim (for a better introduction to Angel/Kaiju, and robot war, see Neon Genesis Evangelion) will already have some idea of the ferocity of a Kaiju.

Though he enjoys working with robotics and Godzilla variations, Lewerissa admits his love for the folklore of the Yokai underpins almost all the work he does. If you'd like an introduction to these creatures his personal recommendation is to gain an appreciation via the GeGeGe no Kitaro manga series.

As an artist, he can conjure anything you like really. A master illustrator with an endless imagination he creates portraits, cute and fuzzies  and the serene and simple in the midst of his other most popular themes. He really shouldn't be sitting next to me at work, he should be working for you.

Cat Eyed Boy
After you've had a short scroll of his larger portfolio you may want to hassle him to add more to his Society6 account where you can put it on a wall clock, a pillow, a t-shirt, an iphone case or even your new baby's onesie.

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