Welcome to Year 8

Before we properly begin 2015 (a year with the value of 8 - numerologically speaking) let Adam Curtis via Charlie Brooker explain the new trends in propaganda that have characterised the haze of media distortion that was 2014. If you're unsure what to watch this quiet Tuesday night, I suggest you try the whole 2014 Wipe

Once you skip to youtube you'll discover Mr. Brooker has an extensive back catalogue of hits, all equally sharp and funny - you'll laugh while you cringe, and ultimately appreciate that he's devoted most of his career to providing this public service. Also see the modern Twilight Zone-esque series Black Mirror, for his fictionalised take our potentially bright, shiny tech driven dystopian future.

From those grim revelations, let's shift perspective and find some hope for this new beginning. On New Year's Day my friend and I were lucky enough to catch a wish as it blew through the Woodfordia festival site. 

But what to wish for after a year like 2014?  
When caught off guard with a wishing opportunity, the Metta Sutta is a sound choice. Besides maybe Corinthians 13, I have not found a better passage to encompass the hope that every creature who needs it should be blessed with a complete freedom from anxiety, anguish or despair - to feel safe and loved.  If even for a short time so they may replenish their strength. 

Only taking action will improve people's quality of life, whether it's in your own home or the Middle East.  But if you are faced with a wish there's no harm in using the Costco of all wishes to be certain you've done all you can in that moment. 

 So let the Metta Sutta be our wish for the coming year.  Happy 2015 - on with the show.

*Special note: Thanks to all volunteers, sound techs, and performers who made the Woodford Festival possible. It's a refuge of wonder in a sweltering holiday heat wave that I hope you are able to attend in your lifetime if you happen to be passing through Australia over the Christmas weeks.  

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