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Sometimes news from home takes awhile to make it down under, and so I only just learned of the oil spill in English Bay, Canada. Another lesson that no matter what a company says, no matter what corporate funded scientific reports they generate to try assure the public that an industry can protect the environment and do business, negligence and accidents will happen. The damage in the long term aftermath is incalculable and downplayed, then swept aside in the name of the economy, until the next disaster.

The English Bay Spill may not have been prevented, but it could have been properly responded to. We can't go back in time to stop the spill, but in six months you can oust the government that facilitated the circumstances that caused more damage.

Image: WWF

There is now a serious similar risk in Australia - what will be the world's biggest coal port attached to the largest mine in Australia being built directly on the coast of the Great Barrier Reef. It sounds unbelievable that anyone could sacrifice a natural wonder like this, but the plans are nearly finalized. The current federal government absolutely supports it. If there are protests you can attend, petitions to be signed, writing your representative, or whatever small way you can contribute to stopping this - I hope you do. With enough public initiative there's a small chance we could still change this.

For all of us - sign all the things, do what you can.

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