Your Chance to Play Banker

Why should Wall Street have all the fun?  You can start offering loans that will help people start their own business, go to school, and buy supplies to build infrastructure or provide training for valuable skills they can put to use in their communities. 

Kiva provides due diligence and monitoring support on your behalf and you choose who you make your loan to. Then you wait to be paid back, it's that simple. 

All those times you said you didn't believe in donating to charity because it didn't actually help people in developing countries? How much better can you get than creating real long term impact with a repayment on your investment? Republicans, conservatives, hipsters, liberals and general do-gooders can't deny that despite a negligible risk, if you do what you can to make the initial loan (as low as $25), getting involved doesn't have a significant downside. 

Happy lending!

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