Félicitations Justin

It is very late coming but maybe it's even more relevant to wish him congratulations on vanquishing Stephen Harper after witnessing the drastic shift in government during the first months of his leadership. So far he has been sticking to his most controversial promises following the Paris attacks, and he continues to project the image of one of your good friends (or maybe your good friend's husband) coping with tragedy and leadership the best he can.
Though he's been at this for awhile now. 

This natural charm, 'sunny ways' and refusal to engage in mud slinging during the campaign was more than enough to sway the Canadian majority. They got what they paid for as Trudeau was more open in his first days as Prime Minister than Stephen Harper had been in almost a decade. The morning after handshakes and documentation of his first hours on the job by the Canada's  public broadcasting station (The CBC) almost seemed too much humility to handle.

Despite the slight difference in politics it's clear that no matter how much he may have learned from his father, Justin has certainly taken many pointers from Jack Layton's playbook. The same simple, positive strategy that won Layton's the official opposition has fulfilled it's promise of a completely modern, inclusive and hopeful leader in Justin Trudeau. Canadians already becoming fickle over their terrorist fears need to remember that Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is a change that will take getting used to. 

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