Fantasy, Fire and Flying Fish

I've been very happy to discover the quietly prolific Nanomortis has re-surfaced over the last few months after what seemed like a long hiatus.

I've always assumed this talent is female, but I can't be absolutely sure. The artist bio is short, apologetic but simply clear that English is not their first language, and they're shy. Besides that, there's only the gallery of  their vast mindscape and a few more clues about their personality in the captions.

There are recurring themes - it's often hard to tell which side of the water's surface you're on. Where schools of fish or fire aren't swirling about, there's a consistent use of shattered colours, like a thick confetti floating through the air. It's a signature a few other artists are using lately, but no one else seems to have mastered it quite like Nanomortis.

 If you'd like to discover more unusual and beautiful work like this, you can 'watch' Nanomortis and the previously mentioned ArdenRey at  Deviantart.com. Providing a free hub for artists since the year 2000.

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