Remember when you were a kid and your mother had to go out and get you valentines to give to your classmates? I really miss having to go to the store and try to choose the funniest or prettiest ones I could. I even miss the nervousness of giving one to the nerdiest boy I had a crush on.  

 Jordan Lewerissa drew this one up in 2014, and it has been my favourite valentine ever since. So in the spirit of the the day, now I give it to you. 

After dropping this Love Bomb a few years ago I feel like I've said most of what I need to say on the subject, and what I feel real love entails. Now years later, having been married and...not married, I often tell people if you'd like to get hitched, go on ahead. It's a great party and it can be a beautiful day in your life. Though I also tell them that you don't really need any of that, you can save a great deal of money when you truly love each other because you'll know you don't need a wedding, or a ring. Their word will be enough every day, and you'll feel it in everything you share together. 

If do you have that, go on out and revel in it today, you lucky creatures. 
There is almost nothing better. 

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