Rebels with a Cause

While keeping an eye on the American election and specifically the speeches of Bernie Sanders, most Canadians listening might be reminded of a similar socialist from our past, who was able to fundamentally change the values of a nation. He steered the country away from the for-profit free market capitalism of America and founded the public healthcare system. From the beginning, his first political speeches were emphatic, and unashamedly clear on the party's purpose:

"the establishment in Canada by democratic means, a cooperative commonwealth, where the supplying of human needs and the enrichment of human life shall be primary purpose of our society"

For words like these, he faced the same derision that Sanders faces today. Yet he continued to win among the people, and to take unpopular positions throughout his political career, including opposition to the war in Vietnam. Decades later, rather than being criticized or forgotten, we voted him 'The Greatest Canadian'.  
That man was Tommy Douglas.

In an election field with Drumpf as the opponent and Clinton, who is funded by all the banks that helped crash the market and cash in on bailouts in 2008, let's hope American democrats can renew their love for the underdog and choose Sanders as their candidate. Yes, the odds are slim, but as Tommy would have said:

"Courage my friends, tis' not too late to build a better world"

A safe world for mice everywhere.

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