Angel of the Stars
If an angel existed, what do you imagine its true form might be? Those innocent fountain cherubs and even our most clever fictional portrayals don't do justice to the terrifying creatures the bible describes. 

Painter Peter Mohrbacher imagines an entire league of angels, all presiding over different aspects of cosmology.  

Angel of the Unseen                                                                              Angel of Dreams

Angel of the Sky                                                                              Angel of the Written Word

Ritualistic and regal like figures of gods and pharaohs in ancient Egyptian murals, they are also ethereal and tranquil - some abstract and tailored enough to feel futuristic. Ultimately their aesthetic is appropriately surreal, outside of time and this world. They may remind anime fans of the powerful and cryptic 'Proxies' (from the series Ergo Proxy). 

The most distinctive feature of Mohrbacher's Angels is how they wear only the hint of a Mona Lisa smile, appear impartial, or have no face at all. Something feels right about such a creature fulfilling their duties with simple, dispassionate precision, serving ideals we could never conceive of.

See the full Angelarium.

*And for bonus points he also takes on interpreting the points on the Kabbalist Tree of Life.


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