Courage My Friends

 In any foreseeable future there are going to be thousands and thousands of people who detest and abominate Negroes, communists, Russians, Chinese, Jews, Catholics, beatniks, homosexuals, and "dope-fiends."

These hatreds are not going to be healed, but only inflamed, by insulting those who feel them, and the abusive labels with which we plaster them—squares, fascists, rightists, know-nothings—may well become the proud badges and symbols around which they will rally and consolidate themselves. 

Nor will it do to confront the opposition in public with polite and nonviolent sit-ins and demonstrations, while boosting our collective ego by insulting them in private.

If we want justice for minorities and cooled wars with our natural enemies, whether human or non-human, we must first come to terms with the minority and the enemy in ourselves and in our own hearts, for the rascal is there as much as anywhere in the "external" world—-especially when you realize that the world outside your skin is as much yourself as the world inside.

For want of this awareness, no one can be more belligerent than a pacifist on the rampage, or more militantly nationalistic than an anti-imperialist.

Alan Watts, 1966

Michael Moore read the situation perfectly and asked us to pay attention to the signs months ago. He also passionately explained why Trump was going to win in his recent 'Trumpland' speaking tour.

Now that his worst predictions have been realized he has provided a short, direct To-Do list to help liberals and party Democrats cope post election.

There are a lot of hopeful messages today about coming together but generally the overall mood (around the world) is fearful, confused and in despair.

Many may be feeling some self-loathing and regret now that the desperate push for a Hilary win has worn off and left them forced to look at their blindspots and admit their tunnel vision. Not only that but it's increasingly obvious Bernie Sanders was essentially denied a fair chance to be the nominee by the Democratic party, which will make it even more difficult for them to rally voter trust in 2020.

For a party (and liberal minded voters forced to choose Hilary) that believes in being 'the good guys', the compassionate, and tolerant, it's a bitter pill that their worst case scenario is due to having neglected half of their fellow Americans, and being deaf to their discontent.

More than anything, the events of the last twenty-four hours continue to remind me of a quote from the 'Greatest Canadian' Tommy Douglas, who founded the universal health care system in Canada.

"Courage my friends, tis' not too late to build a better world."

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